In the States

  • Winning my debate to equalise taxation between Foreign owned and locally owned companies as the policy was biased against local companies;
  • Being instrumental in getting stamp duty relief for First Time Buyers up to £600,000;
  • Working with local solar panel provider to ensure the JEC did not introduce their suggested level of ‘stand-by’ charge and won my debate to demand a review and up date of the Jersey Electricity laws to ensure the Island could introduce Renewable Energy policies;
  • Transforming Jersey Overseas Aid from a kitchen table operation to a professional aid agency which Jersey can be proud of. Establishing a JOA office. Working with foreign governments and putting in place anti-corruption measures where projects are evaluated and accountable gaining 4/4 Internal Audit scores;
  • Supporting projects where Jersey can add value to Overseas Aid projects in Dairy, Conservation and Financial Inclusion, working with local institutions like RJA&HS, Durrell and the Finance Sector;
  • Establishing Internship and UN Placements for local people to start careers in International Development;
  • Developing an Island Identity policy to provide information to Islanders, newcomers and students about the Island to improve local knowledge and promote a strong International personality in a post Brexit era;
  • Winning several debates to put in place a fair and equitable Foreshore Encroachment policy;
  • Setting up the Covid Task Force and as vice chair oversaw ConnectMe and the co-ordination of the voluntary sector ensuring all vulnerable Islanders were supported during lockdown;
  • Made COM decisions ensuring that Islanders were supported with Island Testing, Vaccinations, Border Controls, and that key workers and students were able to return to the Island during the pandemic.
  • Instigating the extension of the UN recognised CEDAW (Convention of the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) to the Island in 2021;
  • Presenting to the States the report – ‘New Perspectives’ a Build Back Better roadmap for the Island’s economic future;
  • Establishing funding for the Eastern Cycle Network and introduced a planning gain mechanism to support its construction;
  • Extending the Freedom of Information laws to States incorporated bodies such as Andium, Ports of Jersey, States of Jersey Development Company;
  • Supporting issues on behalf of the Deaf Community in Jersey;
  • As chair, introducing the first Strategic Plan for the Jersey branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association;
  • As previous Assistant Minister for Economic Development establishing support for Fishermen during a very difficult winter;
  • Signing a Renewable Energy Agreement with France and the other Channel Islands;
  • As previous Chair of Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel, having 48 of our 49 recommendations accepted by the Minister on the Rural Strategy;
  • Co-writing the Island’s first Cultural Strategy and getting it passed in the States;
  • Introducing the Citizenship Programme into schools.

Robbie Perchard, President of the RJA&HS and St Martin Resident

The initiatives that Carolyn has led with JOA, using the great qualities of the Jersey Cow in breeding programmes in Africa, to eradicate poverty and build resilience amongst smallholder farmers has been truly life-changing and transformative.

When it comes to having a grasp of the things that are fundamentally important to our Island Carolyn really “gets it”. She understands that central to Jersey’s identity and uniqueness is its beautiful countryside and the iconic Jersey cow. Sustaining and nurturing these is vital for the preservation not only of our heritage but also the environment that we all care so much about.

In my areas of responsibility 2018 – 22

International Development and Jersey Overseas Aid

Being appointed Jerseys first Minister for International Development, sending a strong signal to wealthy and underdeveloped nations alike that Jersey is a good global citizen;

Linking Jerseys Overseas Aid budget with the size of our economy, meaning it shrinks when the economy contracts and expands when we’re doing better;

Reversing the historic decline in our overseas aid contributions to bring us closer in line with the other countries with which we primarily do business (OECD Members);

Agreeing a Memorandum of Understanding with JOA which preserves its independence from political decision-making while ensuring maximum accountability for public funds;

Supporting and overseeing over 70 development projects which provided direct assistance to over one million desperately poor people;

Providing over £12m of emergency humanitarian assistance to help victims of war and natural disasters in 21 countries;

Supporting hundreds of thousands of internally-displaced people and refugees from Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Burma, Ethiopia, Colombia and the Central African Republic;

Providing over £6m to Jersey charities working in Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Gambia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Palestine and Uganda;

Focusing Jersey’s development aid on three areas where we can add the most value – playing to our strengths and reputation: Dairy, Conservation and Financial Inclusion;

Introducing an industry-leading internship scheme and a placement agreement with the UN, to help young people from Jersey get jobs in international development;

Introducing dozens of reforms to improve the way we select and manage projects, conduct due diligence on partners, and measure the impact of our work;

Achieving full marks from internal audit (in both ‘Control Environment’ and ‘Direction of Travel’).


  • Establishing an Island Identity Policy Development Board, composed of a diverse and highly talented cross-section of society, which gathered evidence from over 50 sources;
  • Canvassing the opinions of hundreds of people through interviews and in writing
  • Engaging the wider public through special media features, a Conference, a dedicated website, an engaging video a parish road shows, and other events;
  • Writing a 200-page report and 20-page summary document on how our unique constitution, heritage and culture can foster a stronger sense of what it means to be Jersey’, both domestically and internationally;
  • Producing dozens of actionable, cost-effective recommendations and offered Ministerial and Officer guidance to help government bodies, public and private organisations and individuals preserve and enhance whats best about Jersey;
  • Engaging with minority groups focused on their barriers and challenges to inclusivity through Jersey Policy Forum research, published February 2022;
  • Commissioning a series of children’s books to highlight Jerseys history and areas of interest
  • Writing and publishing a learning and information resource about the Island to be used by Teachers, Learners and Newcomers.

As Deputy of Grouville

  • Ensuring plans for Keppel Tower development were less dense and more in-keeping with the area at Le Hurel;
  • Securing extended Playing Fields for Grouville School;
  • Instigating the Eastern Cycle Network and successfully securing States approval in setting up a funding mechanism for it through planning gain;
  • Founding Member and Editorial Team Member of the Grouville Gazette – a 36 page, quarterly, self funded magazine, delivered to every household in Grouville for the past 18 years;
  • Founding the parish Community Support Group;
  • Instigating the regular Deputy and Constable Grouville Parish Surgeries at different public locations in the Parish;
  • Founding Les Grouvelles (a women’s support and networking group in Grouville) which was set up in recognition of 100 years since women got the vote in Jersey;
  • Supporting Constituents whenever they have asked for my assistance.