Current responsibilities

  • States Member (2002 – date) Official Government page
  • Deputy of Grouville & st. Martin (2002 – date) Grouville Parish page   St. Martin Parish page 
  • Council of Ministers (2018 to date)
  • Minister for International Development (2018 – date)
  • Chair of Jersey Overseas Aid Commission (2014 – date) JOA
  • Assistant Minister for External Relations.
  • Chair/lead of the Island Identity project  (2019 to date) Island Identity
  • Bailiff’s Consultative Panel (2002 – date)
  • Committee Member of PPC Political Education sub committee (2022 to date)

Previous Experience

Deputy of the Parish of Grouville (2002 – 2022)
Assistant Chief Minister (2018 – 2022)
Vice Chair of the Jersey Economic Forum (2020 – 2022)
Member of the Diversity Forum  (2019 – 2022)
Economic Development – Assistant Minister with responsibility for Agriculture & Fisheries (2011 – 2014
Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel – Chair (2008 – 2011)
Education Sports and Culture – Assistant Minister (2005 – 2008)
Home Affairs Committee (2002 – 2005)
Education Sports and Culture Committee (2002 – 2005)
Chair of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Jersey branch (2018 – 2022) Official CPA page
Gorey Youth Club management committee – 2002 – 2022
Chair of the Jersey branch of the CPA (2018 – 2022) Official CPA page
Steering group member of Jersey International Cultural Centre (JICC) (2022 – 2023)

I was first sworn into the States Assembly on my birthday on 12th December 2002, after winning an election to become Deputy of Grouville. I have been returned to office in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2018, and 2022

As a Minister and Deputy I try to split my workload into three areas: States Assembly duties, Ministerial and other Government responsibilities, and my Constituency work. Some of the Propositions I have brought forward and issues I have taken up on behalf of my constituents are listed below. I have also linked to a few of my Speeches to give you an indication of what I care most about as a representative and legislator.

On domestic issues I have championed Jersey’s Culture and heritage, and promoted renewable energy and green initiatives. I have campaigned on behalf of the deaf community, and worked to increase the representation of women in public life. I fought for fairness and transparency for foreshore homeowners, helped keep Jersey fishermen in business, and successfully ensured our Freedom of Information rights now extend to numerous States-controlled bodies like Andium, SoJDC and Ports.

I have also consistently done my best to promote Jersey on the world stage through my Ministerial roles and as lead on the Island Identity project- something which I believe will be even more crucial in these uncertain years to come as we re-assess our relationship with the UK and Europe in a post-Brexit era. Elected by the Assembly as Jersey’s first Minister for International Development, I have reformed and professionalised our aid programme, playing to the Island’s strengths with partnerships with the UN, Comic Relief, the RJA&HS, Durrell and the Finance Sector. Meanwhile, as previous Chair the Jersey Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association I have nurtured Jersey’s links with the Commonwealth family. I developed our branch’s first Strategic Plan, reformed the way we work, and championed the representation of women in Commonwealth legislatures.

Some of my propositions

  • Successfully removing and saving field G392A from development and saving the only view of the vista towards Grouville escarpment in the Bridging Island Plan 2022
  • Special JT Rates for Senior Citizens – P.164/2004
  • Petition against an industrial building being built on the field 571, Grouville – P.147/2005
  • Lowering the voting age to 16 – P.63/2007
  • Rezoning of sites in the Green and Countryside Zones – P.33/2008
  • GST exemptions for basic foodstuffs and domestic energy – P.94/2008, P.103/2008 and P.28/2009
  • Annual Business Plan Amendment to secure monies towards Eastern Cycle Network – P.117/2009 Amd. 5
  • Budget Amendment to Tax Foreign owned Companies – P.157/2010 Amd. 7
  • Retain 4 Senatorial Seats – P.26/2011, P.99/2011, P.44/2014
  • Request to Privy Council to save Island-wide mandate – P.99/2011 and P.26/2011
  • Planning Gain in Island Plan 2011 towards the Eastern Cycle Network – P.48/2011
  • Freedom of Information: extension to companies owned/controlled by the States – P.149/2014
  • Triple lock the OAP pension – P.127/2015 Amd.
  • Keppel Tower: petition – P.67/2015
  • Budget Amendment to stop the freeze on over 65’s pensions on marginal rate – P.127/2015
  • JEC stand-by charge review, Renewable Energy Policies & up-date of the Jersey Electricity Laws – P.88/2017
  • Encroachments of the Foreshore: Revised Policy – P.101/2020 and P.111/2020 Amd.

Other issues advanced within the States

  • The first Cultural Strategy for Jersey 2005 under Education Sport & Culture
  • Citizenship Programme under Education Sport & Culture
  • Island Identity Policy Development Board’s report and Consultation document
  • Subsidies for Fishermen in 2013 under Economic Development
  • Re-zoning Field 263 and 263A as Playing Fields for Grouville School
  • Stopped the development of a 6 bedroomed house on Seymour Car Park
  • Reduced the speed from 40 to 30mph along Route des Sablons, Grouville