Visit by Chief Minister

We were delighted to welcome our first female Chief Minister to a Les Grouvelles meeting and very grateful that she could spend time out of her busy schedule to attend our evening. Kristina spent time after her initial talk informally […]

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Welcome to the World of Politics Jan’ 2023

By Deputy Carolyn Labey

In the States Assembly recently we had more attempts to remove GST from food and to reinstate Senators. I voted in favour of exempting food as I have never been able to agree to the fundamental principle […]

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Les Grouvelles Spring 2023

By Deputy Carolyn Labey

The year started with gusto with a raft of activities enthusiastically organised by Sue Coutanche and the Admin Team and hosted by various Les Grouvelles Members. It would be easier to list what hasn’t been going on […]

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Ukraine – Delivering aid where it matters

As the Island continues to show its support for innocent Ukrainians fleeing the destruction of their homes, Islanders have reason to thank the staff and commissioners of Jersey Overseas Aid and minister Carolyn Labey.

The professionalism of JOA has already ensured […]

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First Ministers’ Surgery held at Town Hall

The new “Ministers Surgeries” are to be held after Council of Ministers meetings which are held in a different Parish each month. The first one was held in the Town Hall in January, 2023.

And at the most recent Parish Surgery […]

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Overseas Aid Projects. Kenya, Nepal and Rwanda

I addressed a packed out St Paul’s Centre when we launched our Volunteer Programme. This year Jersey Overseas Aid are organising three Community Work Projects in Kenya, building a sand dam, in Nepal where we work with the Gurkha Welfare […]



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Parishes Update

Parishes up-date

At the end of last year I attended one of the Comité des Connétables meetings. There is a long wait to get an appointment, so I had a few items stored up for the agenda.

  1. The first was to […]
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Island Identity Resource Packs

“In December, 2022, I arranged a meeting with the Comite des Connetables. I wanted to discuss and receive an up-date on various topics including the Island Identity, the Cycling and Pedestrian Network, the Parish Community Support Groups and informing Parishioners […]

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