Chris Bright, member of the policy development board on Jerseys international identity

Carolyn Labey has a deep understanding of what constitutes Jersey’s distinct and precious character as well as a clear desire to find new ways of harnessing it for the greater good, both at home and globally.

Patricia Ann Bougeard, Lay-Reader and Campaigner for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

When I was so worried about the Deaf Community’s being left without any support at all, Deputy Carolyn Labey was wonderful. She was so approachable, willing to listen but also willing to stand up and ask questions in the states on our behalf. There have been many times Carolyn has listened me over the years, it’s so lovely as a Deaf BSL user to be able to talk to our representative and know we will be listened to and she will do everything she can to help and support us.

Kevin Keen, Local Businessman

Jersey really needs politicians like Carolyn Labey, a woman with real vision, integrity and tenacity but above all a person who will work with anyone for the good of Jersey.

Alan Luce, Businessman and Former Local Property Owner

…”Carolyn has been a very tenacious politician fighting against and turning political opinion on the “foreshore issue” that had been enforced on unsuspecting property owners. Her understanding of the injustice had been laterly vindicated by numerous boards, tribunals and scrutiny. Importantly rewriting a ministerial policy that was adopted by the assembly. The issue continues…so does Carolyns unwavering resilience”….

Brigadier Bruce Willing CBE, Grouville Resident

“I have known Carolyn for over 20 years and  have watched her political career with great interest. As a Parish Deputy she is without parallel. She is from a Grouville family, has raised her three children and is now called upon for periodic grandmother duties. Carolyn is widely known and respected across political circles and within Grouville, in particular. She is the originator of the Grouville Gazette. now in its 19th year of production, of the Community Support Group and of joint, monthly open meetings with parishioners, together with the Connetable. She has done a brilliant job in a lacklustre government by changing our approach to and organisation of Overseas aid, of which she is justly proud. I can think of no other person I would rather represent me as a voter in the Parish of Grouville.”

Jo Thorpe, Les Grouvelles Committee Member and Gorey Resident

So I could use the usual buzz words to describe Carolyn but anyone who has followed her political career wìll know these to be true any way.

Committed, Driven, Determined, Knowledgeable, Visionary, Communicative, Resilient.

But working alongside Carolyn on the Les Grouvelles committee and getting to know her I would also use these words to characterise her.

Respectful, Compassionate, Empowering, Inspirational, Personable, Endearing, Funny, Approachable, Authentic and most of all a genuine desire to enable and support parishioners when ever she can to make their lives better.

What finer qualities could one wish for in a deputy who will always do what she feels is right for her parish?

Advocate Christopher Scholefield, Gorey Resident

Politics is about making difficult decisions and getting people to work successfully together. Carolyn has the experience to do both, she cares deeply for our island and understands what makes it special. She is also honest about the challenges we face in the future. Add to that her ability to get things done amicably and constructively and she gets my vote every time.

Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy, Members of the Grouville Community Support Group.

Grouville have been so fortunate to have a person like Carolyn as our Parish Deputy and to set up and lead the Grouville Support Group.

Carolyn likes to get down to the grass roots and wants a team to be available to assist any Parishioner who finds it difficult to get around.

She is a very caring person and she is always approachable and will listen to anyone and then try to resolve the problem.

We need more people like Carolyn Labey in the States of Jersey.

Caryll McFadyen, St Martin Resident

I have known Carolyn for many years since I worked with her back in finance. She was, and still is, keen to learn and willing to listen.

She is very approachable and will help if she possibly can, even coming to visit my mother, a Grouville resident of many years who was house bound and needed political assistance.

I have no hesitation in supporting Carolyn in her political career and wish her every luck in the upcoming elections.

Robbie Perchard, President of the RJA&HS and St Martin Resident

The initiatives that Carolyn has led with JOA, using the great qualities of the Jersey Cow in breeding programmes in Africa, to eradicate poverty and build resilience amongst smallholder farmers has been truly life-changing and transformative.

When it comes to having a grasp of the things that are fundamentally important to our Island Carolyn really “gets it”. She understands that central to Jersey’s identity and uniqueness is its beautiful countryside and the iconic Jersey cow. Sustaining and nurturing these is vital for the preservation not only of our heritage but also the environment that we all care so much about.

Alistair Calvert, St Martin’s Resident

Carolyn works tirelessly in her roles as Deputy of Grouville, Minister for International Development and Chair of Jersey Overseas Aid, I have no idea where she finds the energy.  She is passionate about always doing the best thing for Jersey, whichever hat she is wearing, and always with absolute integrity and with a considered approach to the matter in hand.  Carolyn has contributed more of her time and efforts into improving Jersey and Jersey life than anyone else that I can think of – and she has made a huge positive impact – for which we should be grateful.

Michael and Jane Hocquard, St Martin’s Residents

Carolyn is a very hard working and dedicated politician. Clearly she has the well being of her parishioners and the people of Jersey at heart. We have been particularly impressed with the efforts she has made to support both Agriculture and Fisheries.