A few years ago the Deputy of Grouville, Carolyn Labey, pledged to set up a Community Support Group in the Parish. She felt that with the transfer of the Welfare System from the Parishes to the Social Security department, the Parishes lost a certain amount of contact with parishioners who may need some sort of assistance in their everyday lives. With the help of the Constable John Le Maistre, they set up the Grouville Community Support Group earlier this year. The Deputy said; “It is a service the whole community could benefit from having throughout different times in their lives. It is not only aimed to help the elderly, but anyone in the Parish who needs a bit of assistance from time to time.”

As a result of the material she sent out in the Grouville Gazette, she received an excellent response from Parishioners wanting to become involved and volunteer their services.

Deputy Labey went on to say; “The aim of the group is to promote independence, healthy lives, to help safety and give confidence and to simply know that someone cares. The group can also help access the local community, different activities and offer local advice. The service is free as it is run on a voluntary basis. It is operated on an open referral scheme, which means that anyone can make contact directly for advice, or refer themselves or someone they care for or are concerned about.

Our team of volunteers consist of people from all walks of life; ex nurses, ex family nursing staff, ex financiers, the parish caretaker and friendly neighbours – men and women, husbands and wives – who just want to help out in the most useful way they can.”

Examples of the sort of help on offer are: picking up prescriptions; lifts to attend appointments; help with shopping; help with completing forms; assistance with changed family circumstances; accessing community facilities and activities; changing a light bulb; a bit of company over a cup of tea.

The first point of contact is to the Parish Hall office and one of the Office Staff will pass the message to the team members. The service is not an emergency service, so the initial contact can be made between 8.30am – 4.30pm weekdays when an arranged visit will be set up.

Deputy Labey concluded by saying;  “If, on the other hand, you would like to help with the rewarding work of this new venture and become one of team members, our group would very much welcome you.”

Please call the Parish Hall in the first instance, for the Community Support Team on telephone 852225.


Contact: Deputy Carolyn Labey tel: 852488, email: c.labey@gov.je