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Island Identity – information packs

Earlier this year, I supplied each of the Constables with the template of information to be given to new Parishioners to their Parishes. The ideas was to give a general Island piece of information that they could expand and individualise in each Parish.

I would be interested to hear what you

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News Update – Gazettes Summer 2023

My Article in Les Nouvelles de St Martin and the Grouville Gazettes 2023

As you read this article we will have all long since celebrated the Coronation in May. I must say that during the Saturday and day of the Coronation itself, I spent my entire day watching television. The amount

Island Identity Resource Packs

“In December, 2022, I arranged a meeting with the Comite des Connetables. I wanted to discuss and receive an up-date on various topics including the Island Identity, the Cycling and Pedestrian Network, the Parish Community Support Groups and informing Parishioners of the voluntary opportunities with JOA work projects. I shall

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