Grouville & St. Martin

Visit by Chief Minister

We were delighted to welcome our first female Chief Minister to a Les Grouvelles meeting and very grateful that she could spend time out of her busy schedule to attend our evening. Kristina spent time after her initial talk informally

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First Ministers’ Surgery held at Town Hall

The new “Ministers Surgeries” are to be held after Council of Ministers meetings which are held in a different Parish each month. The first one was held in the Town Hall in January, 2023.

And at the most recent Parish Surgery

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Parishes Update

Parishes up-date

At the end of last year I attended one of the Comité des Connétables meetings. There is a long wait to get an appointment, so I had a few items stored up for the agenda.

  1. The first was to
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Welcome to the World of Politics

By Deputy Carolyn Labey

Since writing my last article in the aftermath of the General Election swiftly followed by the States Assembly elections appointing the Ministerial and Scrutiny posts, as well as all the Committees, Panels, Commissions, Forums and focus group

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Grouville & St. Martin

My core stance to the Electorate which has seen me through 20 years so far is ‘Community – be that at Parish, Island or International level’, when I consider issues I always come back to it and think is it

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A big Thank You and the Election Aftermath

Dear Electors of Grouville and St Martin

A very big thank you for electing me as Deputy of Grouville & St Martin in June, 2022. I am truly humbled to have been chosen to represent not only Grouville but St Martin

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