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News Update – Gazettes Summer 2023

My Article in Les Nouvelles de St Martin and the Grouville Gazettes 2023

As you read this article we will have all long since celebrated the Coronation in May. I must say that during the Saturday and day of the Coronation itself, I spent my entire day watching television. The amount

Africa Jersey Forum Conference 2023 Malawi


The Minister visits the British High Commission in Lusaka before a follow up visit to the Fisheries and Livestock Minister in Zambia following the signing of the MOU in Feb 2023. Later that week they together launched the Dairy project together.

The Minister followed her visit to

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Overseas Aid Projects. Kenya, Nepal and Rwanda

I addressed a packed out St Paul’s Centre when we launched our Volunteer Programme. This year Jersey Overseas Aid are organising three Community Work Projects in Kenya, building a sand dam, in Nepal where we work with the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the community to build a community centre, and

Successful Zambia visit

‘Moo-MoU’ Jersey cows help Zambia with Jersey Overseas Aid

February 23, 2022

Jersey’s Minister for International Development Carolyn Labey signed an agreement today  with Zambia’s Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to roll out Jersey’s renowned dairy aid  programme to a fourth African country. 

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