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Community Support Group is launched in Grouville

A couple of years ago the Deputy of Grouville, Carolyn Labey, pledged to set up a Community Support Group in the Parish. She felt that with the transfer of the Welfare System from the Parishes to the Social Security department,

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A Grouville Community and Networking group for Women in this Parish.
by Deputy Carolyn Labey

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Visit by Chief Minister

We were delighted to welcome our first female Chief Minister to a Les Grouvelles meeting and very grateful that she could spend time out of her busy schedule to attend our evening. Kristina spent time after her initial talk informally

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Les Grouvelles Spring 2023

By Deputy Carolyn Labey

The year started with gusto with a raft of activities enthusiastically organised by Sue Coutanche and the Admin Team and hosted by various Les Grouvelles Members. It would be easier to list what hasn’t been going on

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First Ministers’ Surgery held at Town Hall

The new “Ministers Surgeries” are to be held after Council of Ministers meetings which are held in a different Parish each month. The first one was held in the Town Hall in January, 2023.

And at the most recent Parish Surgery

Grouville & St. Martin

My core stance to the Electorate which has seen me through 20 years so far is ‘Community – be that at Parish, Island or International level’, when I consider issues I always come back to it and think is it

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