2022 Elections

Fresh hope for a bright new chapter in the Island’s history

The JEP asked the Ministers to each write an article on their first impressions in Office..

THE first sitting of a new States Assembly is like starting a new school year (and yes I can just about remember those). There are some familiar faces and a lot of new ones. There

A big Thank You and the Election Aftermath

Dear Electors of Grouville and St Martin

A very big thank you for electing me as Deputy of Grouville & St Martin in June, 2022. I am truly humbled to have been chosen to represent not only Grouville but St Martin as well in the Island’s historic General Election. I’m very

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Twas the night before…. Polling Day 2022

From Liberation Day to the Summer Solstice on my Election Campaign During the “Election 2022” campaign for Deputy of Grouville and St Martin, (the Eastern District 9 if one must), my Manifesto was delivered to every household across both parishes. It can also be found on my website: carolynlabey.je.

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“I’m in the running”

Carolyn Labey, the Deputy of Grouville and Minister for International Development, announced today that she will stand in the forthcoming election as Deputy for the newly-combined constituency of St Martin and Grouville.

As well as representing her constituents since 2002, Deputy Carolyn Labey has taken a leading role in numerous community-based and Island-wide initiatives. These include chairing the Covid Community Task Force, Jersey’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Youth Assembly. As well as establishing and continuing to be involved with various initiatives like the Grouville Gazette, the Community Support Group, regular Parish Surgeries and Les Grouvelles in her parish.

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