Press Release: Deputy Carolyn Labey Announces Candidature in Grouville and St Martin.

23rd April 2022.  

Carolyn Labey, the Deputy of Grouville and Minister for International Development, announced today that she will stand in the forthcoming election as Deputy for the newly-combined constituency of St Martin and Grouville.

As well as representing her constituents since 2002, Deputy Carolyn Labey has taken a leading role in numerous community-based and Island-wide initiatives. These include chairing the Covid Community Task Force, Jersey’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Youth Assembly. As well as establishing and continuing to be involved with various initiatives like the Grouville Gazette, the Community Support Group, regular Parish Surgeries and Les Grouvelles in her parish.

Deputy Carolyn Labey is an advocate of renewable energy and green initiatives, and – as one of the longest-serving female Deputies in Jersey’s history – she has championed efforts to increase the representation of women in public life. She also campaigned for the rights of Jersey homeowners against unjust fines levied retrospectively on their foreshore properties and consistently supports the Jersey Fishermen.

Carolyn has also taken a lead role in promoting the Island internationally, and especially Jersey’s unique contribution to culture, heritage, education and development aid. Recently she established the ‘Island Identity’ project, which seeks to enhance and promote our unique Jersey Identity, uniting our diverse communities and reshaping the narrative about Jersey on the world stage.

Under her Ministerial leadership and passion for International Development, Jersey Overseas Aid is now a professional aid agency playing to Jersey’s strengths and giving value in Dairy, Conservation-Livelihoods and Financial Inclusion to support those in need. Deputy Labey was also keen to offer Internships and UN Placement opportunities for young, local people which are now fully established.

Commenting on her declaration, Carolyn said “I stand – as ever – as an independent. I don’t think political parties are currently the answer for Jersey, but I have always enjoyed working with others to get things done. If we are to solve the many problems facing us – the cost of living crisis, pandemic recovery, the darkening political climate in Europe – we need effective politicians who can work together, not just snipe at each other.”

She added “As I hope my record shows, I care about the issues which Islanders care about, and have dedicated much of my career to doing something about them. I bring a proven track record and experience of working hard for our Community at Parish, Island and International levels.”

Deputy Labey will be holding several meetings in both Parishes in the coming weeks to meet voters and hear their concerns.

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