“In December, 2022, I arranged a meeting with the Comite des Connetables. I wanted to discuss and receive an up-date on various topics including the Island Identity, the Cycling and Pedestrian Network, the Parish Community Support Groups and informing Parishioners of the voluntary opportunities with JOA work projects. I shall go into detail of each of those topics under separate cover, but I wanted to share initially the piece of work the Island Identity project provided to each of the Constables to form the basis of a Welcome Pack to new Constituents.

We provided the basis of some information about the Island which the Constables will hopefully add to with a section about each of their own Parishes. There is obviously far more information about the island on the Island Identity website: islandidentity.je and each of these packs can be downloaded and adapted depending on the audience. For example, if we have Island Sports Teams representing the Island overseas, they are obviously seen as Island’s Ambassadors and should have a knowledge about Jersey’s constitution, history, voting system and how the island is run, and be able to explain it to foreigners. These packs and indeed the website have been created to help enhance peoples knowledge about the Island.”