Jersey – an International Island

As many of you will know, one of my passions is to try to enhance the Island Identity and raise our international profile. I am committed to advancing the recommendations outlined in the Island Identity project, which I continue to lead. To support this work and after the recent ‘reshuffle’ in Government, I was appointed in an additional role as Assistant Minister for External Relations. This appointment aligns and will compliment many of the outward-facing elements of the Island Identity work.

One initiative about to be launched is known as “Jersey Connections,” which aims to establish an on-line network for the Jersey Diaspora, accessible through the island identity website ( Connections) or the Facebook page ‘Jersey in the UK.’

Jersey Connections seeks to foster connections, explore shared interests, and promote Jersey’s prosperity through collaboration. It’s about building new relationships and reviving old ones, but will evolve and be shaped by the contributions and ideas of its members. Please encourage friends and family abroad to join. We also plan to issue regular newsletters with updates from Jersey.

Other initiatives include encouraging the teaching of the Island’s history, Constitution and Community in our schools using the materials we have supplied on the island identity website. Supporting ‘Welcome Packs’ to be given out by Parishes, the Governments Customer & Local Services and the Cultural Hub to newcomers to the Island. Publishing a brochure illustrating Jersey with narrative along with a QR code that can easily be given out on overseas visits by those representing the Island – Sports and Business people, students and visitors. I believe we should look to encourage Ports of Jersey to offer a Jersey promotion at our Ports; establish a Register of Works derived by Jersey Artists, Musicians and Poets and much more which can be found in the Island Identity set of recommendations.

In this regard, I am delighted to have been invited to present the Island Identity project to the Jersey Society in London, which is an opportunity I’m eager to embrace as I continue to promote Jersey and all we have to offer to the wider world.

Representing our Parish, Island, and International Communities